Have you considered starting a privately-funded deep tech company? Something like this: https://conception.bio/

As a founder CEO, you would be in charge of your own overheads. Depending on jurisdiction (I assume you're in the US, which is semi-decent), the amount of government-induced bureaucracy might not be too huge.

You can get your start-up funded by e.g. IndieBio (I have taken their investment personally and would recommend doing it to fellow startup founders).

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Is the option of making IP deals with private companies and getting the facilities for free not a viable one ?

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I'm glad you got your funding in the end! I have a couple of possibly quite silly questions about the process.

a) when the admins were wasting time and creating unnecessary obstacles, did you go and complain to their boss? I mean the final boss whoever happens to rule it over the adm staff in your institution - The Dean? The chief financial officer? Anyone with a reputation of brutal and dominant behavior? In my experience it's usually most effective to talk to the boss, in case of petty logistical problems.

b) would it be possible to take money from a private philanthropist without getting the university involved at all? Like making a two-sided contract, such as an official gift?

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